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Langdon Dental Is Here For you

Welcome to Langdon Dental! We are proud to be the primary oral health care providers to the Community of Langdon and the surrounding Rocky View community. At the office of Dr. Jess Chhokar, we are committed to quality dental care. 

At Langdon Dental, we take a complete approach to patient care. Our team takes the time to present patients with photos and express our reasoning behind treatment recommendations. We place a strong emphasis on transparency and would like to be your partner in achieving your oral health care goals.

As part of our thorough assessment, we perform the following screenings during your dental exam:

  • Oral Cancer
  • Cavities/Fractured Teeth
  • Alignment/Clenching /Grinding
  • Airway Assessment
  • TMJ Assessment
  • Gum & Bone Assessment

Our philosophy on patient care is based on informed consent. We provide all treatment options available including the option of no treatment.  With each option we will provide the pros and cons.  Once the patient has a good understanding of the available options, we then allow them to choose the options that suits them best.

We take the time to treat our patients like living, breathing people!

With 10 years experience as a dentist I am proud to be trained at the University of Saskatchewan and have taken over 2000 hours of continuing education in areas of root canals, TMJ, orthodontics, implants and CAD/CAM technology.   We are proud to provide dental care to the community of Langdon.


Custom Approach With Full Transparency

Our team understands there is a unique individual attached to every tooth. We tailor our treatment plans to meet each patients’ unique needs while providing a complete range of options for optimal health and well-being. We educate patients on the risks and benefits of all our recommendations to ensure full transparency.

Through our custom approach and patient first mentality, we take the stress of coming to the dentist a thing of the past. Our entire team believes patients are in control of their health and we want to be your partner in achieving your goals. Our team knows what it takes to keep you comfortable and your smiles healthy and beautiful. We look forward to seeing you!

"Dr. Jess and Madison were great with my almost 2 year old. They let him play with some of the instruments and he felt at ease and actually allowed them to examine his teeth! The girls at the front are great too. A wonderful dental clinic for the whole family. I am a healthcare professional myself and I am very impressed. Highly recommend."