TMJ – Neuromuscular

What is Neuromuscular Therapy?

Neuromuscular therapy involving using a tensing machine as well as special measuring devices to detect the tension and activity of the jaw. When you are experiencing TMJ-related problems, you may find that your jaw is painful, inflamed and uncomfortable. TMJ problems may come as a result of tooth grinding, poor bite, sleep apnea, and accidents. The physical anatomy of the jaw may affect the way that the joint sits, further insinuating TMJ problems.

Why might you need Neuromuscular Therapy?

You may need Neuromuscular therapy if you’re currently suffering with TMJ problems and pain. In most cases, TMJ problems involve pain, discomfort and inflammation around the joint of the jaw bone. You may hear a clicking and cracking sound when you open or close your mouth. If you’re beginning to experience TMJ-related issues or have been living with problems your whole life, you’ll benefit from Neuromuscular therapy.

What makes you a good candidate for Neuromuscular?

Neuromuscular is safe and effective for people who are having problems related to their temporomandibular joint. This tens machine helps to relax the muscles and tissue in the area, helping to relieve tension and stiffness. The therapy is done quickly and conveniently in our office. Because there are many contributing factors to TMJ issues, we will first consult with you to find out what is causing your pain and the best way to treat the underlying condition.

What can be expected with Neuromuscular Therapy?

You will first come in for a consultation to determine the root cause of your TMJ pain and discomfort. We may recommend Neuromuscular therapy, which acts like a tensing unit to relax the muscles in the area. We offer a K7 unit that measures the activity and tension around the joint itself. After Neuromuscular therapy, we may recommend other TMJ treatment options such as a night guard for those who grind their teeth while they’re sleeping . With the help of Neuromuscular therapy, we can reduce the pain and discomfort that you are experiencing.

If you’re interested in Neuromuscular treatment for your child, call our office and our helpful staff members can help answer any of your questions.

All services are performed by a general dentist.

We use a tense machine to relax the muscles involved in closing and opening the jaw. We then use the K7 that will allow the dentist to measure muscle tension and place the bite in the most ideal position . A lower orthotic is then fabricated based on the measurements taken to keep the bite in the most ideal position.