Dental Wand

What is the Dental Wand?

The dental wand allows us to slowly and steadily administer local anesthetic using computer-guided technology. This produces a more comfortable experience and significantly less pain when coming in for treatment. Many of our patients like to call this option their “magic wand” as it allows them to receive a local injection without the pain or anxiety that is often involved. The dental wand is ideal for patients of all ages and medical needs.

Why is the Dental Wand needed?

The dental wand is a more comfortable alternative to a typical syringe. It is often needed for patients who have had previous bad experiences in dental offices. Because the level of anesthetic is controlled, less stinging and pain is experienced and you’ll feel more relaxed before every procedure. The dental wand is essential for pediatric patients who may show fear of needles.

What makes you a good candidate for the Dental Wand?

The majority of our patients are good candidates for the dental wand. This particular option uses computer-guided anesthetic administration, which produces far less pain and discomfort than traditional needles. This technology has revolutionized the way that our patients are able to receive their local anesthetic. Be sure to ask about the dental wand if you’d like more information on what it can do for you.

What can be expected with the Dental Wand?

We are here to help you understand the technology behind the dental wand. Don’t hesitate to ask as many questions as you can think of before having this particular option provided to you. Before your dental appointment, we will administer anesthetic using the dental wand. This option allows us to monitor the amount of anesthetic being administered, which produces less pain and stinging of the injection site. We recommend the dental wand to patients who are normally afraid of the dental office because of the needles involved. This state-of-the-art technology can greatly improve your experience in our practice.

If you’re interested in our new dental wand technology and want to learn more about this option, call our office today and we’ll work to get you in for an appointment.

All services are performed by a general dentist.

The Dental Wand is an alternative method to administer local anesthesia. This is a more comfortable than the typical syringe, and is an a good choice for those who have had a previous bad experience.