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What is IV Sedation?

IV Sedation involves administering a carefully balanced combination of two drugs: Midazolam and Fentanyl. These medications induce a state of deep relaxation, ensuring you remain comfortable throughout your dental procedure.

Why Choose IV Sedation at Langdon Dental?

Experienced Team: With 15 years of expertise, trust our skilled team to provide top-notch care.
Qualified Professionals: Our registered nurse, alongside our doctor, ensures your well-being throughout the treatment.
Great for General Dentistry and Oral Surgery: Whether it’s a routine checkup or a surgical procedure, IV Sedation is a versatile solution.

What are the benefits of IV Sedation?

  • Reduced Anxiety: Say goodbye to dental anxiety as you relax under sedation.
  • Comfortable Experience: Complete your treatment comfortably, without stress.
  • Time Efficiency: Complete multiple procedures in a single visit.
Ready to experience dentistry with ease? Schedule your appointment today and discover the difference IV Sedation can make! Your journey to a relaxed dental experience starts here.

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